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what grain is gin made from

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Gin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This created a market for poor-quality grain that was unfit for brewing beer, and thousands of gin-shops sprang up throughout England, a period known as the .

What is Gin? Origins of Gin. How is Gin Made
What made the origins of Gin recipe so revolutionary, was not the use of Juniper, it had been used before in dozens of liqueur formulas, but the choice of grain .

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Gluten-Free Alcoholic Beverages -
Jul 26, 1996 . Not all the beers listed below use specialty grains, and some of them . Since then, I have avoided gin, any vodka not made from potatoes or .

Gin Facts, Gin Ratings and Gin Reviews
The spirit base of Gin is primarily grain (usually wheat or rye), which results in a light-bodied spirit. Genever is made primarily from "malt wine" (a mixture of .

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Gin - Liquor and Drink
The base spirit for gin can be made from a variety of cereal grains--wheat, rye, or barley. The grains are used to make a neutral base spirit to which flavoring is .

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Is gin gluten-free? - Celiac Disease -
Dec 7, 2011 . Question: Is gin gluten-free? Answer: This is a controversial subject. Most experts say gin, a form of alcohol normally made from a mix of grains .

The Gist of Gin - What You Should Know About Gin - Gin Styles ...
Gin is a light-bodied, liquor made of a mash of cereal grain, usually corn, rye, barley and wheat that has few congeners. The main flavor and aroma notes are .

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What's gin made out of?
Sep 16, 2002 . Whats gin made out of - trivia question /questions answer / answers. . Janice, Gin is distilled from grain and flavoured with Juniper berries .

VT DLC: Retail: Product Descriptions: Gin
Imported English gin made in the 'London Dry' style (not sweet). Made with ten natural botanicals (the most of any gin) that include grains of paradise, almonds, .

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The Production of Gin: Gin and Vodka
Secondly, gin can be made from any spirit alcohol made from agricultural . The finest raw materials for this 'neutral' spirit are either grain (normally barley or .

gin - definition of gin by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and ...
gin 1 (j n). n. A strong colorless alcoholic beverage made by distilling or redistilling rye or other grain spirits and adding juniper berries or aromatics such as .

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